Almost finished


today I finished a lot of work on Daedalus musicplayer. The only feature missing is autoresume of playlist and playback position if Daedalus gets closed. After this I will cleanup the codebase and make sure everything is stable. I’m on my personal schedule and there shouldn’t be any problems with an release before or around christmas.



Development status of daedalus musicplayer

Hello sailors,

a few of you perhaps already know me as the developer of the SailfishOS MPD client “SMPC”. As I’ve told on I’m writting an musicplayer for the Sailfish operating system on the GUI codebase of SMPC.

At the moment I’m nearly done with an first release version. But you have to wait a little bit longer, because I need to do some features and cleanup. (See here for todo: Todo). You can already see a list of currently ready features here and some screenshots here.

If you like some adventure you can also try to compile it for yourself. The sourcecode is linked under about. Please keep in mind that I’m not accepting patches at the moment, because the codebase needs a big cleanup first.

stay tuned.


Homepage of Daedalus Musicplayer for SailfishOS